is dedicated to tracking ALL . Types of aircraft from Airliners To Military .

Managed Radar Here at we manage all aircraft data meaning you can enjoy hassle free viewing of aircraft on a map.
If you have a aircraft tracker and wish to help us reach our goal of world-wide coverage please contact us today using the accounts tab in the menu.

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Who We Are is dedicated to tracking ALL types of aircraft from Airliners To Military.

Secure & Reliable is Secure & Reliable and we take every measure to make sure your details cant be accessed by anyone but yourself, our servers are one of the best on the market today and are very Reliable.

How To Get A Free Account

NO account is required to use this service from the menu just hit radar login and away you go.

Share Data

Sharing data with us means your FEED data will be viewable within Freedar.uks radar data sharing is secure meaning any data you share doesn't get sold on and stays with us unlike most other radars out there.

Customer Support

We have a dedicated team of support to help you anytime. You can also chat with us using the live support button below which no other radar site can also ring us free of charge on (+44)01702 805343.

Data Providers

Here at we have a few feeds when looking on the radar. uk only feed is made up of many feeds from customers supplying data feeds to us. MLAT is like above, this data is supplyed by our customers data feeds that the server then does the maths and plots the aircraft onto the map. world feed is made up with the above feeds along with the use of ADSBHUB feeds (with permission) to reach halfway around the world, without ADSBHUB world coverage wouldnt be possable at this time so FULL CREDIT goes to them.

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